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When we started out in 1980 as a small guesthouse, we were simply a traditional Ladakhi family that had a few extra rooms in their ancestral home, excited at the prospect of playing host to friends from far away.

Twenty years on, and after being re-christened 'The Padma Guesthouse & Hotel, we must undoubtedly have graduated into a suave, sophisticated exponent of the hospitality industry in Ladakh, right...? Not really.

After two decades of serving guests from practically every country on the planet, we remain, essentially, what we were when we began: a Ladakhi family with a large house where we welcome friends.

While looking after our guests, we also attend to the daily responsibilities that any traditional Ladakhi household has. If it interests you, feel free to sit with our family in the kitchen and enjoy a meal with us. Or, if you are so inclined, watch us water our fields during the summer months. Perhaps you could even try to participate in the activity…!

At the end of a tiring day, come and have a cup of tea with us in the sitting room. Mix with our children, or simply sit back and relax in the atmosphere of a joint family. Spend a quiet hour of contemplation in our family chapel, or just watch some local TV.

At Padma, we do provide you with a room to stay in. However, we would be extremely happy if you also shared our life. Come, be a part of our family...!

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